The Thing About Consistency & Picking Up Where You Left Off.

More On Consistency –

Everyone wants to be consistent but not everyone is willing to commit to consistency. It takes a certain type of mindset, an unmatched level of self-discipline to do something every day on a steady basis.

Whether it’s committing to working out, personal development, or sticking to deadlines you've set for yourself the follow-through can be a bit grueling.

The thing about consistency is that it’s hard to get. That’s why everyone wants it. Mostly because it’s inconvenient, uncomfortable and forces you to exercise your mental muscles of persistence, commitment and of course, discipline.

My questions to you are – What can you do at this moment to create consistency in all areas of your life that are lacking it? How are you willing to apply self-discipline to your routine to create consistency?

News About Books & Stuff – 

Whether we met at a book festival, book signing or on the fly. You're appreciated more than you know! It's because of you that I can continue to do what I love, and that's writing, creating and continue to make a difference in the lives of youth and women alike.

I just wanted to keep you in the loop, and let you know what I've been working on here at TKaye Scribes & Co. I'm currently working on my next book children's book which is another picture book and should be out soon. I'm super excited to share that it will be out, and available for sale next spring! I can't wait for you all to read it. It's been almost a little over a year in the making now.

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